Kio flow meter know-how expertise is a ‘100-plus’ trading success story World-wide!

March 20th –Ningbo Kio Flow Instruments Co Ltd has operated effective International marketing for more than ten years, and its flow instrument products are today sold in some 100 countries and Regions across the World. 

The Kio Instrument business is now a new IMD member– and its flow meter products, include paddle wheel and battery powered electromagnetic water meters.

The Company’s constantly developing product range is backed by the operation of high accuracy testing systems to strictly control all aspects of product quality. Also, an innovative R&D team develop new advanced flowmeter technologies in order to meet constantly growing international bespoke product demands.

Go online with Kio for a review relating to measurement method of farmland irrigation water use co-efficient…

The irrigation water utilisation coefficient is a key indicator to measure the water saving effect of agriculture. The analysis, comparison and evaluation of any water-saving technical measures cannot leave the irrigation water utilisation factor.

However, the irrigation water utilisation coefficient given by local and irrigation districts in China is difficult to compare and measure. From various regions, the current statistics on the utilisation coefficient of irrigation water vary greatly, and many data are obviously wrong. 

The main reason for the normal measurement of irrigation water utilisation coefficient is that the traditional measurement method has huge measurement workload and difficult to determine measurement conditions. It is urgent to analyse the irrigation water utilisation coefficient.

The comprehensive measurement calculation method is proposed on the basis of analysis and research. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional measurement methods, but also requires a lot of manpower and material resources to complete. It also makes up for the shortcomings of measuring only typical canals and causing large errors.  

It can reflect the water use of the canal in the irrigation area, the quality of the irrigation project and the management level of irrigation water. It provides a practical and feasible method for calculating the irrigation water utilisation coefficient and guiding the water-saving project reconstruction in the irrigation district in the future.

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