‘King of the crops’- That’s export and marketing experts Davis Trade and Commodities….

March 26th – Davis Trade and Commodities are an International Trade and Compliance and Export Management Company. They are based in Los Angeles USA and market most successfully in a range of high quality, expertly produce crops. These include wheat, soya beans, corn, sorghum, sugar and spices, feed and fertilisers and also beans peas and lentils.

This highly experienced business has a noticeably attentive very ‘hands-on’ approach to all of  its activities, so that its loyal customer base can have total re-assurance that all dealing with the Davis business are sure to proceed confidently to purchase without any concerns regarding grade, quality or specification. 

Davis Trade and Commodities can ship all its product range directly to  any and every approved Port to precise timelines and with all shipping documentation, certifications, licensing, and inspections organised and available. This expert attentive approach ensures any difficulties or unforeseen delays are always avoided. They are now a new IMD Online member. View at

The committed, highly professional processes and activities operated by the business are well-established and have been passed down through the generations. The Davis Trade Company continues to take the closest pride in its land and crops sources in readiness for availability and export to its diverse naturally demanding target customer markets.

All Davis Trade products are, of course, fully certified and customers can be totally confident of best quality at all times. The business commitment to the quality of its traded products is backed by an attentive experienced customer service handling – a commitment that relates to each and every shipment the business sources, markets and dispatches.