JSS to the fore.. as portable ‘pre-fab-type’ housing demand Worldwide continues to rise and rise…

Our latest IMD member member is Guangzhou Jinzhao Steel Structure Engineering Co. Ltd.  Founded in 2014, JSS is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of well-styled, affordable weather-resistant container houses  portable bathrooms and ‘sandwich’ panels for portable house-building. These products all have exceptional insulation properties. 

With the development focus for the future on quality ‘prefab’ container houses and facilities, Jinzhao Steel Structures continues to build and win customer trust and increase brand recognition Worldwide..Check out more below on ‘portable housing’ compliments of the JSS blog…

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Pre-fabricated homes, such as JSS are developing have been around for many years, but they are gaining more and more popularity these days. According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global shipments for pre-fabricated homes are expected to reach 1.1 million units by the end of this year. As the global population continues to rise, the housing supply finds it hard to meet the demand and therefore, housing prices continue to go up. 

construction delays

Prefab homes can help deal with this problem for a variety of reasons. These homes can be built fast, meaning there are fewer chances of budget increase and construction delays. There are various types of prefab homes and one of them is a manufactured home. A prefab home and a manufactured home are sometimes confused with each other. This is not necessarily wrong, as you can call a manufactured home a prefab.  However, a prefab home is not always a manufactured one and can be a different type. To settle the confusion, this post below is going to show the difference between the two so you can make an informed decision when choosing which you might want for your home.

What Is a Prefab Home?

According to a post from Now from Nationwide, a prefabricated home or prefab home is “a house that is built in sections at a factory and assembled once its components are delivered to your property.”

This means that the components of a prefab home are built in a factory-like setting. The finished products are then transported to their intended location where they are assembled by the builder.

Different Types of Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes  – these can be built differently, depending on your needs and the style you want for your home. These are the different types of prefab homes:

Kit Homes – a common preference for people who want to build their home firsthand. This type of prefab homes are pre-cut and transported to your building site inside a kit. The kit will include all the components you will need to build your home along with the instructions on how to build it.

Panellised Homes – these are built in panels in the factory and most of the interior work is finished on the building site. These home packages usually come with roof trusses, exterior walls, and floor systems. In this type, the floor and foundation are laid first. You can hire building contractors to build the interior walls and install electricity and plumbing.

Modular  Homes – a great example of type is a shipping container house. The construction method of this type of prefab home provides astounding adaptability. Modular homes can be made of a single unit or they can be joined together in any layout you prefer. As the name implies, modular homes are created out of pre-assembled modules. They have their large sections completed in the factory before arriving at their intended location. Interior fittings, such as stairs, doors, closets, plumbing, and electricity, are all built into sections in the factory.

Manufactured Homes are another type of prefab home. This type of home is built entirely inside a factory. …for more ..check it out at the JSS blog …visit here …..

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