Iran’s rice harvest increases almost 50 percent

Image credit: Gagandeep Sapra on Flickr
(CC BY 2.0)

June 3rd, 2020: In a recent report from the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture it has shown that the total rice harvest in Iran has increased over 46 percent on last year, reaching 4,518 million mt.

The ministry also said that the total production for white rice is 2.9 million tons and meets its own needs on a yearly basis, where the per capita rice consumption is 35 kilograms on average.

The increase in rice production has been credited to cultivation areas and the rains in Iran last year. Land used for rice cultivation has expanded by 230,000 hectares, 38 percent increase, and has reached 834,000 hectares across Iran.

The landed dedicated to rice farming has almost doubled in both Golestan and Khuzestan, two provinces in the northeast of Iran. Authorities said the country has met rice needs from other countries, especially India, but this time it will not be needed.

The ministry stated that this increase in production will mean that the country will suffice on its own and that Iran will not have to import 2 million tons of rice as previous years.