Introducing: Yemtar

The International Milling Directory is pleased to welcome Yemtar as a new member today.



After meeting our staff  Tuti and Roger at IndoLivestock in Bali, Indonesia earlier this month, Yemtar keenly signed up for inclusion. They will be the latest out of many Turkish companies to register for the International Milling Directory recently and continues our relationship with the country’s milling industry a little further.

Quoting from Yemtar’s website,


YEMTAR is established in Bandırma in 1980. Since its inception, YEMTAR projects, produces and installs lots of modern feed mill.

YEMTAR embrances principles as experienced and informed permanent staff employing, closely international technological development following and transfering to customers. YEMTAR had targeted domestic market in first years after that it has expanded target markets to Africa, Middle East, Asia and Balkans in short time. YEMTAR’s feed mill, galvanized silo, grinding system, peletting unit, cooler, feeder and lots of modern equipment projects offer value-added services and production in location.

We are very impressed at the breadth that this manufacturer covers and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the directory. Connect with Yemtar on Facebook here.

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