Introducing: EUROmilling a/s

The International Milling Billede1Directory is pleased to welcome EUROmilling a/s. A key manufacturer of a wide range of mills, from simple grain mills for small farmers and all the way up to the most complicated and advanced grinding technologies, EUROmilling’s technology is widely used within the agriculture, food, chemical, pharma, wood and oil industry.

Operating on offshore platforms  for some of the largest oil companies and drilling operators in the world, EUROmilling’s synopsis states:

We manufacture hammer mills for virtually any purpose, from small to laboratory use, the slightly larger for agriculture purposes and large industrial mills used for bio energy, Food , chemical and oil industry.

We have a broad knowledge of many different processor and can assist with the construction of the entire processing plants. Euro milling a/s is your assurance of good, stable product that operates for many years.

Euro milling a/s has extensive experience with all blacksmith work both in stainless steel and iron.

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