Innovation and technical expertise means business performance for Taizhou Gerui is ‘electric’ more ways than one!

March 10th – Taizhou Gerui Vehicle Co Ltd researches, develops and  produces a varied range of electric vehicles, scooters, motor cycles, bicycles … and even hover boards as well!

The business has a high-flying expert technical support and design team, which ensures expert, innovation and original systems for best product originality and delivery. Product quality and testing are to the fore at Gerui Vehicle, ensuring a market momentum moving energetically  into a successful fast-growing, thriving trading future.

The company is bidding ongoing for its valuable product patents and is developing a growing dealership, on the home market in China. Also, through its large-scale  automated production operation sites, it is very actively developing, potential overseas trading and dealership development.

Taizhou Gerui is a recent new member of IMD online – and below here offers a blogged review from its web site –  – a little technical insight into a key aspect of electric vehicles – the power sensor ….

The power sensor of an electric vehicle is a combination of mechanical, electronic, software, and magnetic components. It can complete the setting of the storage function and zeroing of system errors through a single-chip microcomputer to ensure the matching with the entire vehicle and the consistency of the product. Its characteristics are as follows:-

Good safety: The maximum speed limit can be set according to the transmission ratio of the whole vehicle (such as: 25 km / h without power); when the riding speed is high, the power can be gradually reduced.

Hibernation function interface: The instrument component is equipped with a vehicle hibernation function interface: when the vehicle stops running for 5 minutes, it has a hibernation signal output.

Repeat settings: According to the size of the afterburner of different users, let users set up while riding, in order to meet the needs of different customers.

Setting system afterburner function: It can be changed according to the riding style of the user and the controller-motor matching: the compensation amount of torque parameter and the compensation amount of kinetic energy parameter.

Extend battery life by saving power: At the same time of leisure and fitness, increase the cruising range of the vehicle by nearly double. Because the current used is about half that of pure electric vehicles, the damage to the battery caused by high current discharge is avoided.