IMD 2012/13 Update

Hello to all our dedicated readers and listed IMD companies. It was with a whirlwind of activity that the submissions deadline closed for IMD 2012/13 just over a week ago. Firstly allow me thank all of you who managed to update your details and get your advertisement artwork in on time even if it was at the last minute! And also a massive thank you should go to those who had completed their registrations and adverts long before the deadline.

Secondly please let me apologize for my apparent silence over the past few days, as I am sure you will understand I have been working closely on the production process in the design office, which is a place where I can not even reach you our dedicated subscribers. However I shall use this brief escape to fill you in on what has been happening in IMD HQ since the deadline closed…

Production has reached an incredibly advanced stage and we are now only days away from sending our first draft to the printers. This is a very exciting time for all of us as it will give us the opportunity to see a whole year of hard work put into print, especially me due to it being my first IMD printed edition.

As you are aware the equipment guides section that proved s popular last year has more than doubled in size for IMD 2012/13 and so has the workload for our designers! I am pleased to inform you however that this process is very close to completion so those of you who have completed forms will be receiving a proof of your guide shortly.

As soon as proof pages become available you will be able to get a taste for IMD 2012/13 exclusively here at millinginternational.

As always stay tuned for updates et al.

Until next time!

Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator