IAOM Mid-East and Africa 2013, Sousse, Tunisia – Part 2

The second day of IAOM MEA kicked off with a full and interesting set of opening addresses, videos and speeches outlining IAOM MEA Conference and Expo 2013. In the Hadrumet Conference Room Mövenpick Hotel and Marine Spa in Sousse, Tunisia.

The speakers in order with information on the content of the speeches respectively were:-

Mr Kamal Belkhiria – CEO, La Rose Blanche (Tunisia)
This speech focused on the tradition of wheat milling in Tunisia and that it is an honour to hold this event in Tunisia. It is a unique opportunity with many challenges and developments. Storage methods and production is a challenge, as well as marketing.

Mr Merzad Jamshidi – District Director, IAOM Mideast & Africa District

This enthusiastic speech talked of the enormous diversity, strength, and growth potential of Mid East milling industries. The acumen of all speakers and range of participants here this week was a credit to the region. IAOM do not only organise this conference and exhibition – there are also have many new courses with Kansas State University.

Mr Ridhu Saidi – Minister of the Economy representing the Prime Minister of Tunisia

This meeting is important as it is in Tunisia for the first time, showing an interest in the ‘new Tunisia’ in this sector. It was interesting to note that Tunisia consumes more cereals than the average, leading to impetus in economic productivity. The total industry is worth 1.2 billion Tunisian Dinars. The need to covert national needs of cereals is essential. Upgrades and the quality of products are needed in Tunisia. A common development strategy must be a sustainable one. He concluded that all can profit from this event in many ways.

Mrs Wided Bouchamaoui – President of the UTICA (Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade & Craft).

Thanked all for coming for the event, showing that trade is a good and peaceful activity. Food safety in Tunisia is one of the most serious challenges in the next decades for humanity. Poverty is the marginalization of people into hunger and malnutrition. Opportunity means investment so human dimensions to economic developments must factor in this industry. In the global village, businesses have shrunk and some have grown in the recent era. It is true that Tunisia was known as a green land and was Rome’s storage area in ancient times. Tunisia invites investors to profit from the cereals industry.

And with that, the event was officially open. The exhibition hall burst into life! We hope you are looking forward to day three and more of the IAOM Conference and Expo.