How to choose the right plastic moulding machine for your business?

Ningbo Beilun Highsun machinery – a further IMD sign-up  – is located in the “China’s plastic-machine capital” on the Beilun Science and Technology Park, Ningbo City in Zhejiang Province. The “Highsun” brand specialises in the production oof high-grade, precision plastic injection moulding machines.

A check around their web site provided some key ‘intel’ on  the many choices and options to weigh up and consider in choosing  a good injection moulding machine – and indeed the right machine for the production challenges of your business and the looming demand of your clients.

more diverse

Highsun indicates that they provide a complete configuration system, so users can choose the machine that really does suits precise requirements! With the intelligence of society, people’s demand for products is becoming more and more diverse. This applies to plastic products as much as anything else. …there’s no-end of new and unique plastic products on the market so many are very much ‘out there’ ..that’s for sure! So, basic diversification of plastic products also means that the requirements for injection moulding machines really has got to become more diverse too!


Therefore, when choosing an injection machine, it is necessary to select a suitable plastic moulding machine to deal with the differences of all injection moulding products. Since there are many structures and types of injection moulded items, there are many types of injection machines – which is certainly good news 

raw materials used

Take Haike Plastic Machinery for example. Their injection moulding machines perform  in the following ways: – according to the plasticisation and injection methods of the raw materials in use; according to the shape and structure of the injection moulding machine itself; according to the processing capacity of the injection moulding machine and also in terms of responsive performance for special uses. 

three types 

Thus, on the basis of the above say the Highsun team:-  regarding plasticising and injection methods of raw materials, the injection moulding machine can be divided into three types: (1) plunger type, (2) reciprocating screw type (3) screw plasticizing plunger injection type.

shape and structure 

According to the different shape and structure of the injection machine, the choices are the vertical injection moulding machine; the horizontal injection machine; the angle injection machine; the multi-mode injection machine ….and finally a combined variable injection machine. 

processing capacity 

According to the processing capacity, the injection machine can be divided into –  ultra-small;  small injection;  medium-sized injection; large injection and also the super large injection moulding machine classified according to further  injection size requirement.


The classification of the machine can be divided into universal injection machine;  vented injection machine; precision high-speed injection machine; plastic shoe injection machine and then three injection head in single mode. Reference Injector choice – There is to consider a two-injection two-position injection machine.

plastic products 

The right thing to do is to carefully select the injection machine as precisely as possible  that will allow you to meet the detail of the different plastic production requirement. Then the injection moulding products made will surely achieve best effect. Increasing product quality also increases production efficiency, and increases production capacity, which means that the machine can create more profits for the company. 

Therefore, there is no doubt that careful considered machine selection is highly important to ensure exactly the right plastic moulding machines are driving your business and ensuring you reach your product supply and sale goals.