How Tianhui are equipped with the experience and technical knowhow to provide and produce perfect OEM stainless steel castings

The Tianhui Machine Co  – a new IMD online member – has these days developed and innovated extensively  in order to become one of the leading CNC Machining shops in China. The Company’s customer base spans several countries around the world, including several ‘Fortune 500’ companies, Industry ‘leaders’ and also many small and mid-size businesses. Tianhui have an impressive and highly  pro-active customer service record.

tight tolerances 

Tianhui is equipped with well-selected,  advanced machining equipment, able to  produce  all kinds of small, medium and large concept items to exact shape and tight tolerances. Tianhui has passed ISO9001 quality management certification.  The company has an impressive key expertise at machining stainless steel and alloy steel materials in particular, and the company experts here develop key online information below on their ability and experience to effectively and expertly provide OEM stainless steel casting parts, also highlighting the key steps on producing high quality stainless steel casting parts. …..

Providing OEM stainless steel casting parts through experience and knowhow 

At Tianhui Machine company, we are expert at producing various quality OEM stainless steel casting parts. More than 1/3 of our sales revenue comes from the production of stainless steel castings. and now we are working with several qualified investment casting foundries, to ensure we can produce various customized stainless steel castings according to precise customer need.

very familiar 

As a business, we have rich experience in producing OEM stainless steel casting parts. Before we established  Tianhui Machine company, our company leader and key engineers had all worked in an investment casting foundry. Therefore, they were very familiar with the casting process and  have in-depth technical communication and understanding with all foundry matters . We have now been producing stainless steel castings for decades. We know which foundry is suitable for various products, and we are an active buyer of foundries, Therefore we can get price-competitive castings compared to many other machining shops or trading companies.

entire process

Because we are familiar with both casting and machining process, our engineers are deeply involved in the entire casting process, from the tooling design to gate place, We work with the producing foundry to determine these technical details and all precision data . This ensures that we get best accurate qualified casting parts for further machining.

How to apply best processes to produce quality OEM stainless steel casting parts?

Our customers only need to provide drawings, 3D drawings or samples, and we can start producing stainless steel castings.

The first step is to produce a silica sol casting mould. The mould is usually made of aluminum. Now, it is very cheap to make a casting mould. For customers who co-operate with us for the first time, we are also willing to share mould costs with customers.

The second step is to produce stainless steel castings by our supplier. Modern casting process such as investment castingcan produce near-net-shape casting parts. The precision casting minimize material waste and machining cost, usually only need machining few place to get tight tolerance

The third step is machining We generally machine the contact surfaces, sealing surfaces, threads of castings and every place that requires very tight tolerances.

Tianhui work with 100+ qualified local suppliers. The company are totally integrated in terms of  its numerous processes – Casting, Forging, Machining, Inspection, Heat treatment and Surface treatment. – which in turn enables the business to be able to complete totally finished machined parts specific to individual customer requirement.