Henan Huatai – now one of THE major grain and oil machinery manufacturers World-wide…

March 25th – Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery, founded in 1950 is a large-scale oil machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacture and installation and now forms one of the major grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. 

It has been honoured by being named THE outstanding member of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association. The business is now a new IMD Online member, 

The business, in this new decade, holds a very high reputation for its scientific, modern, enterprising management and precision in manufacturing. Along with it’s exceptional innovation, the business is for sure worthy of its recognised position among the leaders of all  today’s domestic grain and oil machinery manufacturing operations.

The Company  has over the years developed numerous specialist machines to cover highly varied client and industry requirements for now and the future. The business is expert at handling total specific production line projects and also integration of effective conveyor equipment required alongside production machining operations. 

These excellent versatile machines handle numerous functions –  large scale oilseed pre-treatment and pressing; oil extraction, oil refining and oil fractionation and the Huatai experts on their web site here develop as below some key guidance reference the combination of pressing and extrusion technology relating to oilseed……

Although screw press is the core equipment for oil mills, its potential can be used to the fullest when co-ordinated with a fitted pre-treatment machine specifically for oilseed.

The pre-treatment process is vital for getting the oil from the oilseed cell structure. However, complete destruction of the cell will ensue if it has a lack of enough structural strength. The normal flaking section can solve that situation.

A similar phenomenon is the control of oilseed dehulling – separation from the kernels. Among sunflower seed and canola/rapeseed, some hull can strengthen the structure. 

Good flaking is the key to success, especially in the pre-press and extraction process stages. For preparing of oilseed(steam-cooking, DTDC) there should be a careful adjustment of both temperature and humidity.

A key feature of pre-pressing is that it ideally needs be quite intensive, thus getting a good level of moderate oil release from the oilseed initially. Solvent extraction can manage and counteract the pre-treatment problems of pressing high-content oilseed from oil cake and it is more economic than engaging physical pressing.

The Huatai Cererals and Oils Machinery company not only provides quality oil seed milling machinery, but will also advise on the detailed processing of oilseed cake. To know more, feel free to get in contact .