Haiyan Longbo goes ‘motoring’ along to more success with bumper production and thriving sales at home and abroad!

Haiyan LONG BO DC motor company is a high-tech enterprise specialising in the production of most kinds of DC motors and currently produces 100,000 PCS motors every year. It offers more than 100 different models to both thriving home and international markets including the USA and most European countries.

Many of the Long Bo motor products can be customised to meet specific customer needs. The business holds an ISO9001 certification. Haiyan Long Bo  has an innovative, energetic management team and a strong technical force is backed by  a range of advanced, up-to-date equipment, which delivers high quality products, backed by attentive comprehensive testing methods and programmes. The company is a recent IMD member – see here 

As said , the Haiyan Longbo business produces a wide range of different effective motors and in this online review below, its experts pinpoint the advantages of Permanent Magnet Motors…. 

A permanent magnet motor (PMM) is a type of brushless electric motor that uses permanent magnets attached to the rotor, maintaining the electromagnetically powered stator.

A permanent magnet motor is more economical, with greater energy efficiency, reduced electrical losses, lower operating current and less heat generation than a conventional induction motor (IM) of the same horsepower rating.

For similar power levels, a permanent magnet motor has higher power density per length, making it shorter and lighter than conventional motors.

The advantages of a permanent magnet motor includes better efficiency, higher power factor performance and compactness. On average, the permanent magnet motor uses 20 percent less power than the induction motor. Permanent magnet motors need to be operated with a different type of control for variable speed drive and require matching transformers for high frequency applications. For more visit…..