Galaxy Sivtek – sieving… separating and filtering through 10,000+ successful projects World-wide…..

March 27th – Galaxy Sivtek is a leading manufacturing industrial operation producing wide-ranging, highly-effective sieves, separators and filter products to ensure that in all circumstances, whatever the industry, any in use powders, granules or liquids are always free from damaging contamination and ruination from any foreign particles.

The business operates in a wide range of industrial fields including Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals,Waste Water, Glass and Ceramics, Cement and Sand and Plastic and Polymers ….and more…

This a most flourishing business, now a new IMD Online Member:- has more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the design, development, manufacture and customization of their vibro separator and sieve products and have a highly impressive total of over 10,000+ successful projects behind them.

The Galaxy Sivtek business are totally committed to a highly attentive and fully responsive customer service and offer genuine after-market machinery spares to ensure that customer production lines always run as efficiently and effectively as required.

Read here below – – the company’s review of how the business supports the Agriculture and Fertilizer Industries …..

As you can see now day by day agriculture & fertilizer processing industries are improving their quality standards by adopting modernizations.

In agriculture industry whenever crop will come from the farm, so there is a true need to clean it before packing. For that, you need to carry out de-dusting the crop and separate unwanted particles like dust, stones and other waste materials  some of which could perhaps be used to feed  animals.

Galaxy Sivtek has the solution for your every problem regarding these testing applications. Mostly in the Agriculture industry, we used to prefer our Linea Sivtek  machine for processing and de-dusting the applications. We already provide solutions to many agriculture processing industries which you can find more about on via the link below 

With regards to the fertilizer industry there is mostly a clear need to screen check the final product. For check screening, Galaxy Sivtek specially made is excellent Inline Sivtek. Our Inline Sivtek is A Safety Screening Machine offering high capacities of wet or dry scalping in a low headroom design. Many companies make use of these very effective and  highly manageable and practical applications. 

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