FAMSUN supports curriculum design for feed manufacturing students in China

Feed industry experts gather at the FAMSUN headquarters
Image credit: FAMSUN

June 19th, 2020: A conference focused on the curriculum design for fostering undergraduates of Feed Manufacturing in colleges and universities in China was held in late 2019 at the FAMSUN headquarters in Yangzhou, China.

The conference gathered more than 60 professors, specialists, and experts from agri-related universities, institutes, and feed companies to cultivate a bright future for China’s feed industry.

Following intensive communication and discussion, the conference attendees reached a consensus on the syllabus, knowledge system, teaching requirements and methods, as well as teaching materials of Feed Manufacturing Science. Feed companies’ expectations were also considered in the curriculum design.

Richard Fan, President of FAMSUN Group commented, “We hope the newly designed curriculum can help students keep up with the most up-to-date feed manufacturing technology knowledge and practices, and position them for industrial leadership in the coming future.’ He also emphasised that, FAMSUN is very willing to share its knowledge, experience and resources with colleges, universities, and research institutes in the cultivation of future talents.

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