‘Famous’ for Chinese manufacturing precision delivery –  that’s Guolin! 

February 10, 2020: A recent new member of our influential IMD web site is the Zhejiang Guolin Machinery Company, one of more than 20 Chinese companies, who have very recently joined our thriving online resource  – and we know there are many more businesses from China to follow for sure! 

‘Famous’ tech-knowhow

Guolin Machinery is a high quality, expert, professional manufacturer of varied, high specification, stainless steel and hydraulic fittings and other related accessories. Guolin are ‘famous’ for their technical know-how and the precision of their products and for their location! 

Why?   Well, they are in Taizhou in the middle of Zhejiang Province, where the aptly named ‘Famous Mountain of the Sea’ is located!

hydraulic fittings 

The company’s manufacturing processes are precise and complex, reference its specialism in hydraulic fittings and related accessories. In respect of this, they have produced a considered piece of ‘reportage’ on the effectiveness, indeed the value of the multi channel rotary joint in concise production management processes. So, what in essence is a multi-channel rotary joint? Under the current definition, say Guolin, these are joints, designed independently within the same joint in order that do not in essence interfere with each other.

different media

It has powerful functions and can simultaneously import different media, such as water, steam, oil, air, vacuum and cutting fluid. Chemical reagents, acidic and alkaline fluids, etc., and different media can enter and leave the media through the holes on the side or above, according to their working conditions. Such processes are present in paper making equipment, printing equipment, CNC workbench, rubber equipment, continuous caster, special equipment for iron and steel industry, chemical equipment, plastic manufacturing equipment, petroleum exploration equipment… and more….


Many rotating platform and rotating platform components need to be realised by multi-channel rotary joints. With the development of industry, multi-channel rotary joints are now available in high-end fields such as automation and automation testing equipment, aerospace equipment, automated robots, manipulators, solar energy equipment and so on.

more complex

The performance, structure and parameters of multi-channel rotary joints put forward higher requirements, so for the current manufacturers of rotary joints, in order to meet the needs of these high-end fields, R&D funds are invested in the development of new products and new structures. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the more the number of paths, the more complex the manufacturing process. In order to operate better under high-speed, high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, it is necessary to use imported bearings and seals. Two high-precision bearings support the rotor.

internal friction

Such a structure can reduce the internal friction co-efficient, strong and zero-activity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no degassing and sealing parts developed from polymer materials. These parameters are also the factors of high cost of multi-channel rotary joints. The end face of the joints is sealed by high-pressure mechanical balance and due to the concentricity of the structure can greatly reduce the internal friction and prolong the service life of the rotary joint.

Zhejiang Guolin Machinery Co. Ltd.