Experts Pubo offer an informed ‘insider view’ on avoiding problems with externally supplied injection moulds.

March 9th – The Taizhou Pubo Mould & Plastic Co Ltd has grown a much respected reputation over its 12 year existence for its impressive activity in the fields of injection mould and various plastic items production, as well development and marketing of effective specialist product machinery. The Company’s progress is based on its highly-informed, scientific knowledge and expertise, along with its range of in-demand quality products at competitive pricing and its attentive, responsive pro-active customer service. 

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The Pubo business – now a new IMD Online member – view here – operates in two key developing production arenas – its Machinery operation and and its injection moulds production. Sales are increasing steadily across China and also internationally for all the product arenas operated by the thriving diversifying Pubo and Plastics Company. The business has impressive development plans for a still more successful trading future in all of its successful production arenas.


The PET pre-form and daily commodity moulds, produced by the Company’s team of well-qualified professionals and skilled operators are guaranteed.

The business has a set aim to become a leader in the competitive field of manufacturing injection moulds backed by its impressive, imported, high-precision, mechanical mould-making equipment.  Below is a blogging review on the Company web site as to the problems to be aware of when it comes to the external processing of injection moulds….. valuable guidance it is…..

There can be many problems in the quality of the mould parts in terms of external processing and supply. Not only the processing price but also the processing quality is a must to be considered. 

How to ensure the quality of processing while reducing costs is a challenge that every external processing enterprise needs to consider  

Here is a detailed introduction as to the issues that need to be reviewed and considered with regards to the external processing and supply of injection moulds.

Firstly, it is necessary to conduct an inspection, certification, and evaluation of the status of the processing unit being considered for mould supply, and make a review summary of the results.

Ensure that the injection moulding external processing unit has a 5s working environment to ensure it meets requirements of safe production.

Checks are needed as to whether the injection moulding external processing unit has quality consciousness and whether the work attitude is professional.

Whether the precision of the equipment for injection moulding and the processing capability, management ability, finishing ability meet the necessary production requirements. At the same time, the quality of the processing and the delivery timeline must be reviewed and determined.

Produce a clear, reasonable outsourcing process order according to the requirements of the required product drawings. Avoid verbal specification changes , and ensure the externally processed drawings are of good quality and meet requirements.

After receiving the products made by the outsourcing processing factory, there should be a qualified, quality inspection before acceptance of the products. This inspection should clearly establish an external processing standard of the products, and there thorough so that the mould can be effectively guaranteed. Such tests have the advantage of aiding external companies to improve their process and product quality delivery.