Experts Anyang Best of China give the ‘abc’ on the growth of Wood Pellet Production World-wide!

March 29th – The Anyang Best Complete Machinery Engineering Co Ltd  – known as the successful ABC Engineering delivers, – through its key agriculture machinery products and expert technology – the superbly engineered, vital Turnkey projects needed to aid development and handling of the likes of biomass densification, grain processing, edible oil extraction, refinery and grain milling.

The Company is the latest new IMD Online Member – and here below, its experts highlight on its web site another talked about  production issue – how the Global Wood Pellet production continues to grow…….

In the last four or five years, the growth of the global wood pellet manufacturing industry has usually been described in very positive terms as a thriving example of a growing “green energy” business model. This seems appropriate given the rapid growth of global pellet production – capacity, imports, exports, current consumption, and especially projected pellet consumption. 

Propelled by large government subsidies, green biomass legislation, and specific green energy targets/goals established by most countries in Europe, the U.S. and Canada for the next 10–15 years, future production and consumption of wood biomass, and specifically wood pellets, does indeed look very bright! 

Biomass pellets are dried and pelletized biomass materials. Sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips (main by-products of sawmill and forest industry) are the most common raw materials for pellet production. With the demand for wood pellets increasing, the traditional raw materials can no longer meet the production needs. The raw material types need to be broadened, so that to ensure sufficient raw material supplement of the pelleting industry.

Storage and transport possibilities make wood pellets effectively traded both internationally and regionally. The Wood pellet business is promising for suppliers and manufacturers, and also popular and welcomed by consumers. Wood pellets are widely used by small, medium and large scale consumers. They can be used in large CHP-plants as well as in small pellets stove.

Regarding wood pellets production and consumption – Europe and North America are the leading regions, and Latin America and Asia are emerging markets. In Russia, the production is mainly concentrated to the North Western and Middle regions where there are both a developed forest industry and sound transport infrastructures. One of the World’s biggest wood pellet plant with projected annual production of 900 000 tonnes is constructed in Viborg in Russia. The intended consumers for the material are large power plants in Europe.