Entering a new milling era with Bühler’s Arrius

November 20th, 2020 – Bühler has launched the Arius roller mill, which will make a big difference to increase product quality and profits in the milling industry.

Bühler informed that with the launch of Arrius, a fully integrated milling technology for milling wheat, durum, rye, barley, corn and spelled wheat, the milling industry will meet a brand new technology.

The launch was on a redesign of traditional milling methods that lie at the heart of the milling process. By redesigning each technology component, Bühler has produced an integrated and self-adjusting milling system that is a radical step forward in the way millers control the quality and consistency of their products. Other benefits include lowering energy costs, increasing personnel safety, rapid deployment, remote digital control, improved food safety, and reducing the initial expenditure required for facility investment.

These developments come as the milling industry faces a number of commercial challenges with customers demanding ever-increasing consistency and higher product quality. In a highly price sensitive and competitive market, even the smallest deviation in production parameters leads directly to a miller’s bottom line. In addition, the tightening of food safety regulations and the difficulties faced by millers in finding qualified personnel are another aspect of the difficulties.

Meeting these challenges will require greater automation than ever before. Arrius will play an important role as the milling industry evolves into autonomous mills that can self-adjust to optimize production parameters.

At the heart of the Arrius step change are the feed module and sensors on the rolls that provide greater control over the product flow and milling process. This means that Arrius can automatically adapt to the properties of the raw material. The double-sided sensors in the new roll group allow millers to continuously measure the grinding force of the rolls for the first time. This unique feature will allow the miller to closely control the milling process and thus optimize the product properties for their market.

Besides particle size distribution, starch damage is a parameter that can be affected more precisely than ever before. With Arrius, it is possible to better control the milling process of the product and, if necessary, increase starch damage by up to 10 percent.

Energy is a major cost factor for millers, so Arrius was also designed with an integrated drive and gearbox, resulting in energy cost savings of up to 10 percent.

The new benchmark in remote control and operational safety

Arrius’ new ease of use features include a remote application that can be installed on smartphones or tablets, where an operator can control all grinding parameters from anywhere in the mill’s network.

New food safety features include a feed module designed for total product discharge. The aerodynamic design and increased aspiration in the grinding chamber also reduce product deposits. The hygienic leveling feet supporting the machine are designed to increase food safety by providing total under-machine cleaning. An electronically lockable cover and hand guard provide a new benchmark in operational safety to protect personnel.

Watch Bühler’s work with Friessinger Mühle to develop Arrius: