Educational flour milling video from Tesco

We recently came across a great educational series called the Eat Happy Project from Tesco, the UK’s biggest groceries supermarket and we like it. It is aimed at children but find their approach refreshing and good for our industry. As their YouTube channel states:


Hello and welcome to The Tesco Eat Happy Project YouTube channel.

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is all about helping children to understand more about food; where it comes from and how to cook it – we’ve got loads of resources and great videos to help you do just this.

Online Field Trips have taken schoolchildren from their classrooms to citrus groves in Valencia, Paddy fields in Thailand and banana plantations in Costa Rica, allowing them to interact with food growers and suppliers from all over the world.

Also on our channel you’ll find cooking. Cooking is an activity for all the family to enjoy – our simple recipe videos will help you and your children to learn new skills, creating delicious and nutritious dishes like mango chicken pittas and fancy fish fingers.

Let’s Cookalong is our series launching this summer and is designed to encourage all the family to cook together. Stay tuned!

For more information about the Tesco Eat Happy Project, visit our website

See the very nice video here: