Depart at its new location

October 13th, 2020 – Depart, which has been showing a rising trend since its establishment, is working to deliver the spare parts needed by the mills to its domestic and foreign customers economically without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction, has moved to its new building in Çorum.

The new building will include the Depart Logistics Center with a 972 m2 spare parts warehouse, the Technical Pricing Department and the Deserve brand, which provides after-sales services on a global scale.

Depart receives engineering and product support from Alapala Makine, which produces high-quality machines such as grinding, cleaning, filtering, weighing and packaging systems, as well as cooperating with world-renowned suppliers and manufacturers to serve its customers with quality parts.

Depart attaches importance to being in close cooperation with R&D and production, and strives to carry its service level to a higher level than ever before.