Davison highlights its expertise in guidance review of the leading IF inverter spot welder….

Davison Machinery the  famous China Pvc tarpaulin welding machine manufacturers and plastic welders factory, company established in 1999 by Mr. Huang Guosheng, is a new member of IMD 

The business is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic welder in China, specialising in high frequency welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine and related automatic equipment. 

It’s manufacturing facility covers an area of more than 8,000 square meters in Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo City, China. Davison Machinery continuously invests in innovative research and development of new products, which are exported to different countries in the world.  The company insists its expertise creates value for customers and has done so since the establishment of the company. 

superior performance 

Here below is a guidance review reference the superior performance and advantages of the IF inverter spot welder …… The medium frequency inverter spot welding machine is  a kind of medium frequency resistance welding machine and can also be called a medium frequency inverter resistance spot welding machine. Fushun welding medium frequency inverter spot welding machine adopts intermediate frequency inverter power supply and stability. Advanced technologies such as DC rectangular waves have made revolutionary improvements in welding efficiency and quality.

most advanced 

The IF inverter spot welding machine is the most advanced resistance welding product in the world. Fushun Welding is a professional R&D manufacturer of the IF inverter spot welding machine. It is also a medium-frequency inverter with its strong technical team and strong asset strength.  The superior performance of the spot welder has for sure been fully realised…. …… and those key reasons why…..

Because…. the intermediate frequency inverter spot welder transformer has small weight and volume, low input power, and is convenient to use transformer-type welding tongs. The traditional power frequency welding machine requires a robot with a very high load capacity when it is used in an automatic line, and the transformer of the medium frequency inverter spot welding machine can greatly reduce the load of the robot.

Because ….the welding current of the intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine is rectangular wave, close to direct current, so there is no obvious peak current, the size of the nugget is stable and enlarged, almost no splash, the welding quality is stable, and the thermal efficiency is high. Compared with the power frequency welding machine, the medium frequency inverter spot welding machine can reduce the welding current by 40%, which greatly prolongs the service life of the electrode.

Because …. the medium frequency inverter spot welding machine is suitable for welding various materials and dissimilar metals, such as aluminium alloy, stainless steel, high strength steel plate and other materials. In addition, for the welding of galvanised sheets and ordinary multi-layer boards, the welding quality is much higher than that of the power frequency welding machine.

Because ….the intermediate frequency inverter spot welder has the characteristics of three-phase load balancing, and the power factor can be as high as 0.9 or even higher.

Because …the IF inverter spot welder current can reach the set value faster, analyze the parameters more accurately, the response speed is only 5% of the power frequency AC spot welder, and the welding quality control is more accurate.

Today, Fushun’s medium-frequency inverter spot welder series has been widely used in auto parts manufacturing, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, metal hardware, and chassis due to its excellent welding performance. For more visit