‘Concrete’ reasons why a Zhejiang Chuangmei motor get thing’s effectively done…

Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical Co Ltd is located in Wenling City on the central coast of Zhejiang in China. The company is a provincial, high-tech enterprise, producing various types of permanent magnet synchronous motors and has joined IMD online recently. 

product ‘spec’ The business has a strong R&D team that can, as needed, develop and specify products based on specific drawings or samples provided by customers.  Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical operates its own testing laboratory fitted with the most advanced testing equipment in the industry.  This enables an impressive, constant product range and quality and ensures that all its pump motor products achieve maximum efficiency completely in step with industry standards.

key products  The Zhejiang Chuangmei business’ key products are two types of variable frequency drive permanent magnet synchronous motor which have been awarded the Chinese energy-saving product certification and also the 2014 International pump and valve industry technology innovation Rongge Industrial Media prize. Also, the Company has obtained 13 utility model patents in the application of permanent magnet synchronous motors and are now very much a significant leading player in the pump manufacturing industry.

High-Frequency One of the company’s impressive products in its extensive range is a High-Frequency vibrator motor.

Among original uses for these vibratory motors are as a ‘concrete vibrator’ to achieve best compaction of that material when used in key construction scenarios. Members of the Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical team point out that there are hand compaction techniques of concrete available, but they are comparatively less effective and are really only suitable for more unimportant works. 

workability  For hand compaction, slightly more water usually has to be added. As a result of adding more water, the strength of the concrete decreases. But compaction by vibration, means a concrete of sufficient workability and low water cement ratio can be achieved – a concrete that remains both more manageable and stronger and most effective, however stiff ‘the mix’ may be.

good compaction Using a vibration motor allows good concrete compaction all the time, even using the stiffest concrete mix. If a concrete vibrator is used properly, this will help consolidate the material by reducing the amount of air pockets inside the concrete mass. Either internal vibrators or external vibrations can be used depending on the application and where the concrete is being placed. In the civil engineering field, use of a quality effective concrete vibrator will avoid any build up of any damaging air voids in the concrete, which helps ensure the vital final quality and strength of the concrete in use.

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Dedicated to energy conservation and environmental protection, the business has a thriving  sales operation, developing a strong international marketing network to various countries and regions across the world including Europe, America, Japan..and more.

The Company has a well-planned and equipped foundry and also a processing plant with it’s own testing laboratory, which is one of the most advanced in the industry. There is a dedicated commitment by the business to advanced product design and quality development ensuring that total industry efficiency standards are always achieved. There is an annual output by the business exceeding 100,000 units, organised with  flexibility to respond to the requirements and timelines of customer demand.