Competitive pricing, innovation and technical expertise – ‘gateway’ to Jinnaike’s success story!

March 18th – Jinnaike is a leading worldwide high-performing, successful manufacturer of varied gate hardware including such as sliding gate wheel, swing gate and cantilever gate wheel.  The business, now a new IMD Online member:- driven by its expanding product range, competitive pricing  and energetic development and  innovation has become in many respects THE leading gate hardware producer in China.

It continues to grow its markets and also improve its product range and specifications and it now  produces more than 100 types and styles of gate hardware products and also operates a highly successful, tailor made product service to meet all specific customer requirement.

Thanks to the total personnel of Jinnaike, the company’s reputation, when it comes to gate technology, has spread right across China and also internationally across the world. Online here – the Jinnaike experts present informed comment on aspects of the sliding cantilever gate and its operation…..

The sliding cantilever gate is different from traditional gate – If under the force of gear rack in gear with electric motors; it can slide over the two sliding cantilever gate wheels that are fixed on the ground to realize opening the gates. 

Due to the two wheels hold in the track – this gate’s operation is unaffected by snow, frost on the entry. This cantilever gate wheel is very popular around the world, and easy to use by remote-control unit. especially the snowy, bad weather countries. All parts are galvanised to fight again the rust and corruption. It is easy to install and durable with minimal visible hardware that avoids many of the usual maintenance and efficiency problems due to dust and snow.

As a manufacturer, we produce all accessories this kind sliding cantilever gate. The hardware combined with a range of the high quality component, such as all size sliding cantilever gate wheel (3 wheels, 5 wheels, 8 wheels, 9 wheels, 10 wheel, 16 wheels etc.), gate stopper, guide bracket with nylon roller, end cap, adjustable fixing plate with hook bolt, guide wheel, cantilever gate track, end stop and gear rack etc.

Sliding gates do offer an advantage. A tracked sliding gate runs on wheels along a grooved steel rail that is buried just below ground level. Jinnaike can supply the sliding gate accessory and sliding gate kit/system for sliding gate, such as sliding gate wheel , sliding gate track/ rail ( U track & V track) ,nylon roller bracket, end stop, etc.

A sliding gate wheel is installed to the bottom of sliding gate. The track/ rail is bolt down on the ground or installed in the ground, it depends on which track/ rail you choose. Besides, the nylon roller bracket, an end stop can be used for the sliding gate. The nylon roller bracket can be installed to the post or wall to keep the gate move smooth. Many different kinds accessory for sliding gates can be chosen. Different sizes are available.