Wamag Spol Sro designs, manufacturing, delivers and services Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Filters and other Magnetic Systems to businesses in various  branches of industry, including Agriculture, Food, Feed, Processing and Materials Handling.

Other industry sectors supplied by Wamag include Automotive; Metalworking ; Electrical and Power Engineering; Re-cycling and Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. The business’ high-quality, magnetic system products operate in numerous operational areas including:- Re-cycling, Handling, Transport, Lifting, Holding and De-magnetising.

Wamag Spol.Sro has two influential partner companies, Goudsmit Magnetic Systems from Holland and Matykiewicz.com of Poland.


Company details

  • Address: Pražská 270 , Mnisek pod Brdy, Central Bohemia, 252 10
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Tel: +420 318 599 550
  • Fax: +420 318 599 522

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