The United States Grains Council develops Export Markets for Barley, Corn, Grain Sorghum and additional related products. Its membership includes producer organizations and also Agri -businesses with a common interest in developing Export markets.

The Council’s targeted activity focus includes, Developing Markets, Enabling Trade, Trade Agreements, Production Innovation and also, Sustainability and Improving Lives.

USGC has a Global presence with a Network of World-wide offices. It offers valuable, guiding Trading Resources for Importers including, A comprehensive Trading Manual; Feed Grains Purchase Guidance; Inquiry Notices to Exporters and also, key listings of Commercial Grain Suppliers.

Also, available are valid informative Industry-based reports including  – A DDGS Weekly update; Market Perspectives; Ethanol Market and Pricing Data Information, Corn Harvest Quality Information  and also Export Cargo Reports. Also, Sorghum Harvest Quality Information and USDA Reports and Market Profiles, covering such as FOB Price Charts and Bulk Freight Indices Information.


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