Ugur Makina offers;
Flour Mills
Semolina Mills
Feed – Rice Processing Plants
Salt Processing Plants
Pasta Lines (Shortcut or Spaghetti) Processing Plants
Sugar Processing Plants
Maize Mill

Steel Silo,transportation Equipment,Raw Material, Product Storage Silo

Electric and PLC Automation System
Weighing,Dozing,Blending Machinery and Equipment
Bagging and Packaging Machinery
Laboratory Equipment and Spare Parts
Steel Construction Structures

Equipments & Accessories (Grinding Bench,Fire Extinguisher System, etc.)

Company details

  • Address: Akkent Mah. Ankara Yolu 7.Km No:22, Çorum, P.O. Box: 57/19100
  • Country: Turkey
  • Tel: +90 3642 350026
  • Fax: +90 3642 350030

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