Tuf-Lok International designs and manufactures pipe and tube couplings and other products for varied  applications within different industries including Food and Beverage, Dairy, Materials Handling and Wastewater. The business’ HQ is located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA and provides sales, engineering, technical and service support to customers and representatives Worldwide including in the UK.

Tuf-Lok couplings are low cost, heavy-duty self-aligning couplings for either high-pressure usage up to 150 psig, or full-vacuum rated applications. Utilized in all industries where pipe and tube ends need to be connected, they are ideal for pneumatic conveying systems as well as gas and liquid applications.

The Tuf-Lok couplings install quickly, reducing installation costs. Reinstallation is also fast and easy. This makes them ideal for applications where assembly and disassembly are required. Also, with the Tuf-Lok ring grip pipe or tube couplings, the pipe or tube ends do not require machining or grooving and never become marred or damaged when making a connection.

The key products are a dual series of key Ring Grip Couplings, Ring Grip tube couplings, Pipe Clamps and Therm Line expansion joints. Tuflok couplings install quickly and easily, reducing installation costs. They are available in 2-inch (50mm) through to 10-inch (250mm) pipe sizes and are made for use on plain-end pipe or tube, regardless of the wall thickness.

Other features include self-grounding, vibration resistance, externally leak-proof ant with an extremely high-end ‘pull’ for difficult applications. Various gasket materials are available to meet special design conditions, such as food grade, higher temperatures or special chemical resistant applications.

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  • Address: WI 53711, United States, Madison, Wisconsin, WI 53711
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Tel: +1 608 270 9478

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