Tritordeum is a Mediterranean Cereal, which is milled for flour and energetically grown in Spain and distributed through numerous, high-profile European and World-wide locations. The product’s marketeers are dedicated to their Farmer and Miller buyer partners, offering ongoing fair and stable pricing.

The product has an impressive trading ‘network’ across many lead countries and territories, including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Switzerland.

Tritordeum Cereal was very much born in the Mediterranean region. It is perhaps somewhat romantically known as ‘the Golden Cereal’ It is said to have the benefits of both wheat and barley, combined in one unique cereal. It is a ‘modern’ robust crop, in that is more sustainable by Nature and has a reduced environmental footprint.

It is said to stand out for its sweet and smooth taste ‘with a note of nuts’. Tritordeum ‘Golden Cereal’ is very versatile and is used most successfully in an infinite number of day to day food products, to which it gives its characteristic flavour and unique nutritional properties. These include day to day staple food ‘favourites’ such as pizza, pasta, pastries, cookies, vegetable drinks and also beer!

Tritordeum offers a unique combination of nutritional properties, due to the type of gluten it contains, It has more oleic acid – a most important fatty acid in the Mediterranean diet. There are also antioxidants, such as lutein, related to eye health and also, it has more fibre than wheat – a considered essential for intestinal and cardiovascular health.

The Tritordeum product can even be purchased online –

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  • Address: C/Torrent de l'Olla 216, Barcelona, Catalonia, 08012
  • Country: Spain
  • Tel: +34 93 0106587

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