Tornum develops, produces and manufactures high-quality, technologies-backed, Machinery and Equipment for businesses within the Agriculture and Grain Handling industries.

Located at Kvänum, Sweden, the Tornum business has, since 2004, become part of the Volati group of industries, while Lidköpings Plåtteknik and Silokonsult are fully-owned, Tornum subsidiaries.

The Tornum ‘core business’ has always been Drying Technology services, but, through the years, it has developed expertise in the production of numerous other types of Machinery, including Cleaning, Aspiration,  Storage and Transportation of Grain.

Tornum also has a considerable reputation in the development and manufacture of tailor-made ‘Turnkey’  Grain industry projects World-wide. It has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of complete, individually designed and developed Grain facilities. Its services also include Project Management, Performance Monitoring and numerous aspects of Assembly.

Kvänum, somewhat unusually, employs part-time Farmers within its professional, expert, technical team, which, over the years, has served to give the business ‘something of an edge’ when it comes to developing further Machinery and operational products.

The Kvanum product range includes Grain Dryers and Storage; Heat Sources; Transport Equipment; Conditioning and Cooling Equipment; Monitoring Systems; Intake Pits; Cleaning Machines; Pipe Systems; Dust Separation products; Buildings and Steel Constructions and also, additional products, such as  Hopper Scales and Magnets.




Company details

  • Address: Skaragatan 13, Kvanum, Västra Götaland, SE-53530
  • Country: Sweden
  • Tel: +46 512 29100
  • Fax: +46 512 29110

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