Founded in 1966 as Tecno mill, with 100% national capital, today the TMSA – Drive Technology is a leading supplier of equipment for terminals and handling of bulk solids in high capacities and long distances.
Located in Porto Alegre / RS and with branches in Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires has a team of professionals specialized in disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, automation, environmental control and industrial processes, offering a unique technology portfolio. With development itself or through its alliances with major globally recognized names, it offers world-class integrated solutions for specific reality of each client. TMSA whole project stands out for reliability, safety and durability, but goes further: provides an overview which includes cost issues, environmental, social and infrastructure.


Company details

  • Address: Av. Francisco Silveira Pastoriza, 710, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do sul, 91160-310
  • Country: Brazil
  • Tel: 5121313332

Trade marks and patents

Carregadores de Navios Controle Ambiental Descarregadores de Navios Eletrocentros Elevadores de Caçamba Instalações Elétricas, Automação e Ex Instalações e Processos Industriais Máquinas de Limpeza e Pré Limpeza de GrãosSecadores de Grãos e Fornalhas Metálicas Terminais Portuários TMSA Services Transportadores

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