SuperBrix International SA designs, develops and manufactures Machinery and Equipments for World-wide businesses in the Milling, Rice, Grain, Seeds, Feed and Materials Handling Industries  and also other Industry sectors, including Bio-Fuels and Port Facilities related projects.

The products of the business include Pre-Cleaners, Fine Cleaners, Silos, Graders, Dryers, Planting and Harvesting Equipment and Grain Hoppers. Also, Drag, Belt and Chain Conveyors, Bucket Elevators and Movable Stackers and Loaders. Superbrix provides specialist Ethanol Processing Equipment and additional machinery for varied General Industrial projects.

The Company holds key product Innovation Awards and exports its technologies and Machinery products, to North and South America; The Caribbean, Europe and Asia.


Company details

  • Address: Zofia, Zona Franca Internacional del Atlántico Km 114 Vía La Cordialidad , Galapa, Atlántico, 082001
  • Country: Colombia
  • Tel: +57 5 336 7900
  • Fax: +57 5 336 7999

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