Premier Tech Chronos designs, produces and manufactures innovative Bagging, Packaging and other Machinery and Equipment for businesses in the Milling, Crops, Feed, Food and Materials Handling Industries World-wide. Also, other  Industry sectors, Insulation, Minerals, Forestry and Chemicals.

The business provides fully-integrated, manual, semi-automatic and fully-automated systems, along with custom-made ‘Turnkey’ projects to meet specific Customer-client requirement.

The PT Chronos product range includes, Open-Mouth Baggers; Valve Bag Fillers; Form Fill and Seal Baggers (FFS); Compression Baggers; Manual Baggers and also, FIBC Baggers. Also, Palletising Equipment; RPL, CPL and HPL Series and Load Securing, Pallet and Stretch Hooder Machines. Also, Peat Moss Field Equipment and Bulk Processing for Peat Moss and Substrates.

The Premier Tech business’ is a World-wide operation, with a Network of Offices and Manufacturing Works in numerous locations in America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Its World Headquarters is in Canada.

Company details

  • Address: 1 Avenue Premier , Premier Tech Campus , Rivière-du-Loup , Quebec, G5R 6C1
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 833 863 7878

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