Steam Engineering of Canada designs and manufactures innovative Steam Generators and relating heating solution products and equipment, to provide unique heating solutions for use in Grain and Seed Mills and also on Farms.

Its products, as well as Steam Generators also includes, Containerised Steam Systems; PLC Controls; Aggregate Pad Piping Water Tanks and Wheat Heaters. Steam Engineering has a highly-expert ‘in-house’ team of Electrical and  Gas Technicians and operates an attentive one or two day product-response service.

The business sees its products as creating something of a challenge to heating standards relating to today’s Concrete Plants, Mills, and Mushroom Farms. Steam Engineering’s Generator- systems are totally compatible with boilers, water, and waste energy heaters currently used in Grain and Seed Mills and also offer very worthwhile improved efficiencies and safety!

Due to its product development and manufacturing expansion, the business is now also moving with some success into several additional markets, with certain joint venture ‘prototyping’. It applications can be applied to Aggregates, Block and Brick and Pre-cast Curing and also Sterilisation.

The Company’s products holds key quality recognitions, including a C22.2 No.14  standard for its Custom Electrical panels and a CSA B149.3-15 Compliance certification for its Steam Generators.

Steam Engineering is a member of GEAPS, The Grain Elevator and Processing Society and also the IAOM, International Association of Operative Millers, and also certain other Industry organisations.

Company details

  • Address: 40 Industrial Pkwy North, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 4C2
  • Country: Canada
  • Tel: +1 800 973 1999
  • Fax: +1 1647 749 4065

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