Skyway Marketing Pvt Ltd is a flourishing, India-based Exporter of Rice and other Agri-Food and Dairy products. The business is part of the Sunrich ‘Collective’ Group of companies, working in many varied business sectors Internationally, including extensive Trading, Shipping and Logistics.

The business has a presence in numerous countries of the World including UAE, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and also, Bahrain. Also, in Europe – Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland and The United Kingdom.

Other Sunrich business operations include, Digital Marketing, Travel, Property, Holiday Villas ..and more.

Company details

  • Address: 5, Ashford Centre, Opp. Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai , Maharashtra , 400 013
  • Country: India
  • Tel: +91 2228200306
  • Fax: +91 2223435431

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