Simatek A/S – supplier of high-technology pulse-jet fabric filters for requirement of industrial particle separation and dust collection.
Simatek develops and manufactures:
Technologically leading pulse-jet cleaned bag filters and filter plants for industrial air cleaning.
Sanitary process filters with or without Cleaning in Place (CIP) for integration in process plants.
Flue gas cleaning systems with/without absorption of acid gases/adsorption of heavy metals and dioxins.
Fields of application
Dust-developing industrial processes.
Process plants within the food/pharmaceutical/chemical sectors.
Incineration plants and smelting processes.
Geographical areas
Simatek’s pulse-jet cleaned bag filters are marketed worldwide.
Simatek delivers and performs commissioning of turnkey filter plants for aspiration and flue gas cleaning, mainly in Europe.
Globally Simatek delivers turnkey filter plants for aspiration and flue gas cleaning in
co-operation with local partners.
Simatek’s lists of references include:
More than 7700 pulse-jet bag filters
More than 235 process filters in sanitary execution, many being CIP-able
More than 195 flue gas cleaning filters/filter systems
More than 165 industrial plants for central vacuum cleaning
More than 155 pneumatic conveying systems

Company details

  • Address: Energiens Hus - Energivej 3, Soroe, DK-4180
  • Country: Denmark
  • Tel: +45 5884 1500
  • Fax: +45 5885 4107

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