Cimbria Srl designs, produces and manufactures SEA Brand Electronic Sorter Machinery for businesses in the Food, Grain and Materials Handling Industries. Also, other Industry sectors including Salt and Minerals, Metals and Plastics.

Its products are SEA Chrome; SEA Next and also, SEA Vetro.

The SEA Chrome Machinery features includes High Resolution Cameras; HSI Software Settings, allowing ‘near’ Human Vision, and also a vital ‘shape-sizing’ functionality. It is available with up to seven chutes. SEA Next can have up to 28 cameras and also has LED RGB Lighting and self-setting Management software, The SEA Vetro is a Glass Re-cycling machine.

Company details

  • Address: Via Colombarotto, 2 , Imola, Bologna, BO 40026
  • Country: Italy
  • Tel: +39 0542 361423
  • Fax: +39 0542 643567

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