The Dal Group is a conglomerate of Independent companies, operating in a range of industry fields, including Agriculture. Agri- businesses include Flour Milling and Commodities Trading, in such as Pulses.

The Group also operates in numerous other Industry sectors –¬†Food and Beverages, Earth Moving, Automotive, Industrial Gases, Property Development; Energy, Mining, Education and Health Care.

Today, Dal is Sudan’s largest and most-diversified, privately-owned Group of Companies and has an impressive portfolio of brands, both at home and Internationally. It has grown its brands to a point where they are leaders in most of the Industries they operate in.


Company details

  • Address: No. 1/15 Block 4F, Industrial Area, Khartoum North, Khartoum North, Khartoum, 11111
  • Country: Sudan
  • Tel: +249 1852 20856
  • Fax: +249 1853 14671

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