Sapcon Instruments is a long-established, leading manufacturer of Level Measurement and Speed instrumentation.

It provides technologies-driven, instrument systems for the Processing operations of businesses in various Industries including, Grain Handling, Animal Feed, Soyabean Oil and Fertiliser production. It also serves other varied business sectors, including Brewery Production; Fuel; Packaging; Steel and Metallurgy; Water Treatment; Foundry and Castings; Cement and Chemicals.

It products include:- Point Level Switches; Continuous Level Transmitters and Flow and Speed Measurement and Monitoring items. For the new decade, Sapcon Instruments aspires to achieve a significant World-wide presence for its Process Control automation instrumentation products.

Company details

  • Address: 131, Palshikar Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452007
  • Country: India
  • Tel: +91 +91 731 4757575
  • Fax: 91 731 2475475

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