Romer Labs is a leading global supplier of diagnostic solutions for Food and Feed safety. It operates four accredited, full-service laboratories in Austria, The United Kingdom, United States and also Singapore.

The business  offers a broad range of innovative, varied, testing solutions and services. These  include, Mycotoxins, Food Pathogens, Food Allergens, Gluten, GMO, Veterinary drug residues, and also other Food Contaminants.

Romer Labs products and services aid the entire Agriculture and Food-value chain, including screening at the producing Farms and within highly-sophisticated reference laboratories.

Also,the company’s broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and professional services play a pivotal role in integrated Food Safety approaches. The mission at Romer Labs is to provide scientifically sound, high-quality, diagnostic products and services. For Romer it is very much about “Making the World’s Food Safer”​.

Romer Labs aims to be at the forefront of diagnostic technology and is constantly expanding its product and service portfolio in order to continue to meet Client-customers’ evolving demands.

Company details

  • Address: Block 5, The Heath Business and Technical Park, Runcorn , Cheshire, WA7 4QX
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 845 5195010
  • Fax: +44 1745 827150

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