PTP Engineering – Foundry – Machining : PTP INDUSTRY offers on its Raon l’Etape site customized solutions for iron foundry machined parts in small series, unit, prototype, 3D molding for the manufacture and repair of machinery and equipment for direct integration to manufacturing chains and repair shops.

PTP Transmission : PTP INDUSTRY offers a complete range of high quality transmission products including couplings, pulleys, gears, hubs, bushings, belts, pads, brake discs, … to ensure the robustness of the portions connecting the motor assemblies machine in any environment (ATEX…).

PTP Solutions Maintenance Gearboxes : Relying on its expertise manufacturer, under the names of Texrope SIT, SIT-Hansen, Brook Hansen, Rexnord, PTP INDUSTRY offers :

  • Repair of all types of gearboxes in our workshop
  • Renovation and modernization solutions for industrial installations transmission assemblies around quality products for efficient operation and carefree sets machine engines.

Company details

  • Address: La Belle Orge, F-88110 Raon l'Etape
  • Country: France
  • Tel: +33 3295 26272
  • Fax: +33 3295 26298

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