PROSOL S.p.a. is recognized World-wide as an innovative, International leader in the production of nutritional ingredients, used in Infant Formula, Food and Animal Feed nutrition supplements.

Each of these products is unique in addressing industry need and every application meets specific functional and nutritional requirements. A strong synergy with the needs of the Supplements Industry inspires PROSOL to also develop new solutions in the field of bio-technology, as applied to Yeast.

Each product is unique in addressing industry and Agriculture needs and every application is able to meet specific functional and nutritional need. The innovative ingredients for Health Food and Feed Nutrition developed by PROSOL include:- Ribonucleic Acid (RNA); Ribonucleic acid hydrolysates; Nucleotides individual or mixed; Natural Flavour Enhancers; Yeasts and Yeast derivatives and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for Animal Nutrition.



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  • Address: Via Carso, 99, Madone BG, Lombardy, 24040
  • Country: Italy
  • Tel: +39 0359 91665
  • Fax: +39 0359 92246

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