Palms Resources Pte Ltd Markets and Trades a range of specialist products used by businesses in the Food and Feed Industries, and also in numerous other Industry sectors Internationally.

The business’ products include, Feed Fats, Oils, Oleo-Chemicals, Calcium Soap and Liquid Fats. Also, Palm ¬†and Lauric Oil Products, Caprylic Acid, Carpic Acid and Oleic and Myristic Acids….and more.

Also, Palmitic Acid; Stearyl and Cetyl Alcohol, SLS, SLES, Oleo-Chemical Derivatives, Surfactants, Ethoxylates, as well as other speciality and Fine Chemicals.

Company details

  • Address: 20-09 Tong Eng Building, 101, Cecil Street, Singapore, 069533
  • Country: Singapore
  • Tel: +65 6226 0676
  • Fax: +65 6226 0343

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