NARA – The North American Renderers Association provides services, programmes and technical support to the North American Rendering Industry, both in National and International Markets.

Rendering is the process that converts by-products from the Meat and Livestock Industry into usable materials. The Association represents the best interests of its members in Public, Government and also Regulatory Affairs.

The key aim of the organisation is to deliver sustainable solutions to businesses in the Food; Fuel; Feed and Oleochemicals Industries, and also, other Industry sectors. NARA commits to:- A Sustainable Food Chain; Public Health and also the Environment, through the Production and Marketing of its members products and services.

The organisation has its HQ in the United States and also maintains offices in Mexico and Hong Kong. It has market consultants in Brussels, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Chile. NARA stages an Annual Convention and also publishes ‘Render Magazine’ covering issues including, Animal Nutrition and also Environmental and Regulatory issues.

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  • Address: Suite 310, 500 Montgomery Street, Alexandria, Virginia, VA 22314
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 703 683 0155
  • Fax: +1 571 970 2279

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