Munsa Milling Group is one of the leading manufacturers of Flour and Wheat by-products in Mexico and is also one of the largest Semolina producers in Latin America.

The business strives to achieve highest quality in Food standards  and all its operating  production plants are quality certified. Munsa supplies Farmers with select, high-quality wheat- seed and finances them to achieve the best possible standard of products.

As Latin America’s top manufacturer of 100% durum wheat semolina, Munsa is also a leading Flour and Wheat producer. Other products are Flour Mixes for such as pizzas, bolillo, cakes, bisquets and a wide-range of products.

Munsa has customers around the Globe and a large percentage of its products go for export to numerous locations World-wide.

Company details

  • Address: Blv. Kino No. 309 Torre , Piso 5 Col. Country Club, Hermosillo City , Sonora, 83010
  • Country: Mexico
  • Tel: +52 662 289 0075

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