The METCAG Company was established in 2014 and has considerable expertise and experience in all the various aspects of grain dyer systems and production.  The business’ key recognisable grain dryer brand is  ‘POLEKSDRY’ and the lead product is the business’ in demand and well-respected horizontal grain dryer.

The Company has an impressive quality grain dryer machine range of some nine models, each highly efficient and with a quality and adaptability to handle varied products including corn, barley, soybean,sunflower seed, wheat, paddy, canola, lentil, sorghum… and more.

METCAG  prides itself on being among the most innovative operating companies in its field, both in Turkey and beyond. It now successfully exports hundreds of its reliable, long lasting  and recognised machines to numerous countries and Regions across the World.

Backed by diligent, expert Research and Development, METCAG operates up to the minute manufacturing technologies, ensuring its farming clients always enjoy a high performing level of service from its machine products and also THE most competitive pricing – or as METCAG put it – “We are drying only grains – NOT the pockets of farmers” 





Company details

  • Address: Yesiloba , Mahallesi 46267 SK NO 18, Seyhsan , Adana, 01100
  • Country: Turkey
  • Tel: +90 322 429 11 12
  • Fax: +90 322 429 10 12

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