Endecotts designs, produces and manufactures high-quality, particle Laboratory analysis equipments, supplied to customers in a range of Industries World-wide.

The business’ products and services include, Test Sieves – Sieves, Certificates and Recertification, Calibration Samples and Ultrasonic Cleaners; Sieving Machines – Sieve Shakers, Air Jet Sizers, Sonic Sifters and Evaluation Software; Sample Processing – Consistometer and also Sample Dividers. All products and processes meet both National and International standards.

The Company markets its equipment via a network of agents and distributors located in more than 80 countries and territories across the World.

Endecotts provide all equipment necessary to perform meaningful particle size analysis using sieves. It considers not only the ‘sieving process’ itself, but also, the taking of a representative sample, ensuring repeatability of a sieving test, evaluation of  result and proper cleaning of the Sieves, together with checks to ensure that Sieves remain compliant. Endecotts provides the full package of services and support to ensure constant accurate and repeatable results.





Company details

  • Address: 9 Lombard Road, Merton , London, SW19 3UP
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 0208 542 8121
  • Fax: +44 208 543 6629

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