Lesotho Flour Mills (LFM) is the leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Milled and Sugar-based Food and Feed products  to numerous areas of the landlocked Southern African Country of Lesotho.  The business is now partially owned by the Global, hugely successful, Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group.

The Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group advises nationally within Lesotho on Grain pricing, and Grain Milling issues. Traded products include, Soybeans; Wheat; Corn; Vegetable Oils; Oats, Barley, Rye and also, Sorghum Milo. Also, Processed Foods, Dairy; Special Crops, Rice and Tomatoes, as well as Meat, Nuts, Sugar, Flour and more.

The Seaboard business has some 40 International Affiliates. Its headquarters is in the Isle of Man and it deals World-wide in over 13million tons of Agri-Food products annually.



Company details

  • Address: 44 Lioli Road Industrial Area, Maseru
  • Country: Lesotho
  • Tel: +266 2231 3498
  • Fax: +266 8662 23106

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