Lambton Conveyor Ltd is a manufacturer of cost-effective, galvanized Grain Storage, Material Handling and relating support systems and equipment for the Grain, Milling, Feed and Agriculture Industries.

A lead product of the Lambton business is its range of Grain Silos, ranging from 40 to 27,699 tons. Lambton also produces Hopper, Bulk Feed and Flat bottom Storage Tanks and varied transportation and Conveyor equipment including, Incline and Self-cleaning U-trough Chain Conveyors; Screw and Belt Conveyors and Bucket Elevators, up to 1500 mt/hr.

Lambton offers a variety of operational accessories such as Pendulums, Full Round and Flat Back Distributors; Valves; Conveying loop systems; Grain Cannons; Gravity and Drum pre-cleaners, as well as Catwalks, Towers, Unload Augers… and more.


Company details

  • Address: 102 Arnold Street, Wallaceburg, Ontario, N8A 3P4
  • Country: Canada
  • Tel: +1 +1 519 627 8228
  • Fax: +1 519 627 0250

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