KSE Process Technology BV provides a wide-range of expertly designed, automated project systems, backed by  innovative, high-performing software, for handling varied materials such as powders, pellets and granulates. Today the business serves the Compound Feed, Premix, Pet Food and Aqua Feed industries World-wide.

A family business, which has operated almost half a century, has expertly derived software-backed solutions for all dosing, weighing and transportation operational challenges. KSE  can deliver expert advice and guidance whatever the size and type of project. It can offer various key specific items of equipment and also ‘Turn-Key’ bespoke solutions, each backed as needed by the business’ expertly developed automation technologies.

The KSE  company has two leading trademark technology products. One is ALFRA Dosing and Weighing. This operates effectively in numerous different scenarios – in a Continuous flow Weigher, in Silos and for driving transport systems, both for bulk product and also for internal transport of materials.

The second is PROMAS ST which is (Structured) factory automation software. This embodies 40 years of KSE’s experience in production processes. It integrates with all factory operations seamlessly and ensures hugely simplified management, operation and maintenance – for simple to complex plants.

The KSE business’ experts attentively manage all installation projects throughout their duration and also work closely with reliable local contractor partners to help better manage costs.

There are, of course, many industries where accurate dosing and weighing of product are critical steps in their processes, and where components need to be handled efficiently, for example Cement manufacture. KSE also serves these industries. It successfully  provides proven process equipment and automation software to meet numerous varied industry needs.


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  • Address: Rondweg 27, Bladel, North Brabant, 5531AJ
  • Country: Netherlands, The
  • Tel: +31 4973 83818

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